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Damola Oridate is a worship leader, songwriter, recording artist and a quantitative finance professional. He was born in Ogun State, Nigeria but spent most of his adult life away from home after moving to Canada at the age of 17. He is happily married to “one” woman: his beautiful wife: Mojisola Oridate.

Damola quickly recognized the call and gifts of GOD over his life at a very young age as he watched his mother serve in the local church choir as a worship leader with so much commitment and anointing upon her ministry

At the age of 9 (Grade 6), Damola had started his own ministry – the Bible Club - where he preached the word to his schoolmates every day at lunch. Within the school session, Bible Club published a Christian youth magazine with articles contributed by members of the Bible Club, funded by Damola’s father.

Moving to Canada at the age of 17, Damola started to lead praise and worship at the RCCG Overcomer’s Chapel in Ottawa, Canada as well as other zonal and nation-wide RCCG conventions. At the age of 20, he served as the head of the young adults worship ministry. From the age of 23, Damola started to serve as a praise and worship leader at RCCG Covenant Chapel, Toronto under the leadership of Pastor Tayo Ojajuni. Currently, he is a worship leader at Whitby Christen Assembly, Whitby, ON, Canada. Damola’s experiences have greatly shaped him and helped take his ministry to the next level. In the past 6 years, GOD began to show him His desire for him to become and evangelical, deliverance and revival worship minister. This specificity of the call of GOD over his life culminated in the start of Damola Oridate Ministries (DOM).

Damola Oridate recognizes that his life is a product of GOD’s grace and mercy. He strongly believes that if GOD can still use him despite the fact that his walk with GOD has not been without its challenges, GOD can use anybody that makes him or herself available. This belief is at the core of his ministry.

The vision of DOM is to be used by GOD to bring revival upon all the nations of the earth by reigniting the Holy Ghost fire, like in the days of old in the heart of the youth and young adults.

In order to achieve this, the mission of DOM is to use Spirit-inspired worship and teachings of GOD's word to bring down GOD’s presence in all homes, streets, churches and everywhere our music and teachings will be heard. Our goal is not just stopping at bringing down GOD’s presence powerfully, but also going further to impart lives with fire so they can go forth into the world and fulfill their divine purposes of making disciples of all nations.

Damola Oridate has released two singles: Osuba (Deferential worship) and I Need You (released in July 2018). He is set to release another single in summer 2019. He and the DOM team continue to lead the body of Christ in an atmosphere of deep worship at churches, concerts, conventions and other events in the GTA and across Canada.

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