YOURS - Brad Keaton ft Reggie ROCC

Brad Keaton is a one of a kind Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist from the Upstate of SC. Though pulling from a wide range of musical influences to develop his uniquely soulful sound, Brad tends to stay within the genres of R&B, Soul, and Funk. He has an exhaustive vocal range, a memorable look and pulling from his years of singing experience, an ability to communicate a song to an audience.

Music is in BradΚΌs blood - he was born into a family of singers, started singing a harmony part at the age of 3 years old, and has continued to constantly perfect his craft of songwriting over more than 15 years. To date, he has written dozens of songs, currently has 12 songs recorded and has received radio played to an international audience, including more than 200 radio stations worldwide. Brad has also been featured on TV Shows, Radio Stations, Playlists and Podcasts, and has been featured on other Artist’s albums as well. He is also currently a rotating Worship Leader for multiple churches in the Upstate of SC.

Brad has Original Music available on ALL Digital Music Stores. Available Now are the debut EP “That To This”, three Singles that have been released in the past 6 months - “Wrong Way”, “Yours”, and “Moving On”. His Brand New EP called “Full Circle” will be available on April 19th, 2019. “Full Circle” will address every aspect of the journey to find Love - everything from the sorrow and regret of a breakup to finding a forever love, and everything in between. With the partnership of Elephant Group, a local record label, this EP is primed to make some noise in the Upstate and in the industry.

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