Nathaniel Bassey “Don’t Marry Swag: Marry vision, Purpose & Character”

Check out this awesome Polongotv True Talk article shared by Nathaniel Bassey, which we tagged “Don’t Marry Swag. Marry vision, Purpose & Character & Commitment”.

@nathanielblow: Date with my girl at Cabana. In the background is a Jazz tune, “Girl from Ipanema”, and it brings back memories of my time doing Jazz sessions etc. But today, the girl in front of me was formerly from NSIT UBIUM local government area of AKWA Ibom State. But married marry away to Ikot Ofon Ikono local government area of Akwa Ibom State.
God’s grace has taken these two around the world from these two villages. And it’s only the beginning.

This fine girl here believed in this young Man. Even with my battered KIA car. She looked beyond all of that. Laying hold on the future that was largely unseen. At least to the physical eyes.
That’s why I keep saying to our Christian sisters… Don’t marry swag. Marry vision. Marry Purpose. Marry Character & Commitment. I remember we had to fly together, and For some strange reason we had a business and economy ticket, and just couldn’t get the airline to upgrade the economy class tickets. She spoke about given up the business class so we can sit together. But I thought NO. Please enjoy that comfort. You deserve it. The nights away from them ministering. Vigils and prayer meetings. Hallelujah challenge at home with people staying over. Our home sometimes looking like a camp. 

And she’s still there helping out. Up at nights with the children. School runs and etc. That’s why I’ll gladly do anything legitimately possible to see her happy.
Not forgetting the surgeries. When we just held on to the word of God. And God saw us through.
Thank God for my wife. I love her genuinely. Also not forgetting her small small wahala, which is part of the package.
It’s Sarah alone for life and forever.
Once again happy anniversary baby!
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