10 Interesting Facts About Cobhams Asuquo

Cobhams Asuquo is a famous music producer and a gospel artist. Even though he’s famous, there are probably some things which you may not know about him which you will find interesting.

Below are ten interesting facts about Cobhams Asuquo:
1. It’s a well-known fact that Cobhams is visually impaired, but you may not know is that he was born that way.
2. It wasn’t till about 3 months after his birth that his mother began noticing that he could be visually impaired.
3. Cobhams is the last child of his parents, the last born of the house.
4. When he was a kid, Cobhams organized concerts in his neighborhood, drumming on his mother’s barrels of water, with the other kids making noises and dancing. Little did he know he was preparing for his future.
5. Cobhams’ father was an officer in the army.
6. Cobhams gave up his career in law to pursue music.
7. Cobhams is a university drop-out (dropped out of UNILAG as a 300 level law student).
8. Cobhams didn’t become an artist at first because he claimed he hated his voice.
9. Cobhams once said that being blind is one of the best things that has ever happened to him.
10. Cobhams proposed to his wife Ojuola, on a Valentine’s Day.

Cobhams was born blind, yet he wasn’t discouraged from pursuing his dream. He is a role model worthy of emulation. Don’t just accept what life throws at you, decide what you want to make out of it. If life throws you lemons, make lemonades. It is not what you don’t have that limits you, but what you have that you don’t know how to use.

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