Dc Talk to Tour U.S. Next Year and Beyond

Fresh off their second Jesus Freak Cruise, which saw the band reunite on stage for the first time in nearly two decades on its first voyage in 2017, today Michael Tait finally broke the news fans have long waited to hear– dc Talk will be touring next year.

In an interview with Newsboys United on 98.5 KTIS during the recent Joyful Noise festival, when asked about the possibility of the legendary group returning to the road, Tait shared this: “I’ve got news for you. Next year dc Talk will be doing a land cruise. We’ll be doing tour dates in the states, not announced yet, but it will be very few, but we’ll do them each year, ’20, ’21, and probably ’22. We’ll be around here somewhere eventually. It’s official we’ll be doing some dates. Yes.”

The crowd gathered for the interview made their excitement known, a small representation of the fan excitement sure to come after a few years of voiced frustration that the band’s “intermission” was over, but only when it came to being on the sea for the Jesus Freak Cruise. This will be the first time Tait, Kevin Max and TobyMac will be together on the road in over sixteen years.
It seems Tait has been the only band member to say anything about the huge news yet, but we’re excited to know it’s finally official!

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