[Music] “Fearless” - ICF Worship Band

Released in time for the ICF Conference 2019, is the new EP “Fearless” by the Swiss ICF Worship Band with five songs and a remix version recorded at the Samsung Hall in Zurich. The songs reflect the ups and downs we experience in our lives as followers of Jesus.

‘Fearless’ and ‘You’re In Control’ exemplify this tension: looking ahead full of faith and passion on the one hand and doubting and wrestling with God in the dark valley on the other. The songs originated from the heart of the church and were recorded live at Samsung Hall in Zurich, Switzerland. The grand finale of Fearless is the remix “Love You Know” by the Dutch artist REYER that makes you want to dance right away.

“ICF Worship” has its roots in the ICF Zurich church, founded in 1996 in the largest city in Switzerland. Having started with a passion to reach out across the country to people in a contemporary and modern way, today ICF Zurich is a non-denominational church with over 3,300 weekend attendees spread across five different locations within the city and its surroundings. ICF is also one of the biggest church movements in the German speaking area, with over 60 churches in 12 nations.

Yet “ICF Worship” is not simply a band or a bunch of musicians writing worship songs and performing. It is strongly connected with and focused on the local churches of the ICF Movement and beyond. Throughout the whole process “ICF Worship” aims to write songs that don’t just connect with church goers but that also speak to someone who is new to the gospel or the church.

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