Ruth Ellen & Friends @ Effra Space, London

LEVEL TICKETS are pleased to lend their support to independent artist and promoter Ruth Ellen, on Ruth Ellen and Friends (REAF) events. REAF is curated and hosted by Ruth-Ellen, a 25-year-old soulful singer/songwriter from South London, who has been pursuing her passion for music over the past five years. Growing up, listening to genres such as classic soul and Gospel was natural. Other influences include a mixture of, hip hop, pop, jazz and contemporary music which has inspired Ruth-Ellen’s fresh melodic approach to her music, showing off her big range and soulful tones.

REAF is a live music showcase with Open mic, focused on getting to know both the artists and members of the audience. Providing laidback and intimate settings for artists with a way of interacting with their audience and creating a long-lasting affinity. The audience gets the chance to engage with artists’ stories as well as their music. REAF provides great opportunities to network and collaborates with some of London’s talented and up-and-coming artists. Over the past 2 years, REAF has provided a growing platform.

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