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Adesola Sogbesan (Rokinijo the worshipper) pronounced as (Rhokinijor), is a family woman and a lover of God, who has a deep passion for worshipping her Creator. She personalises her communion with God by addressing Him by His name and attributes as revealed in the Bible, and through her own experiences of God’s power in her life and family. She enjoys spending time in his presence and has decided to step out of her comfort zone to share her worship with the whole world in the hope that it may minister to you.

Psalm 150:6 says, “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord”. Rokinijo, believes that, it’s not only the sound of your voice that qualifies you to praise the Lord, but the fact that you are alive and have his breath in you. When a multitude of voices are joined together in worship, it becomes a sweet sound to the Lord. Never feel intimidated by inability to sing; You can speak, dance or clap your praise as long as it comes from your heart.

 Elohim Bara Short Clip

ELOHIM BARA (God the Creator)

ELOHIM BARA (God the Creator) is a debut worship piece of Gospel Poet Rokinijo The Worshipper. This spoken word is a rendition of the creation story, narrated through the lens of worship. If you look all around you, God’s creations are filled with undeniable beauty. The awesomeness of His Creativity is so mysterious to understand, too deep fathom, and too fascinating to ignore. His attention to detail in all of his creation is too high and lofty to comprehend. I am just so thankful for the thoughtfulness of this Creator, and for me, it’s worth singing about.

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