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Everyday”, the newest song by gospel recording artist K-Anthony is what we have been waiting for in a gospel song for quite some time now. The title is immediately relatable. Simply put, “Everyday” is a reminder in time that each day counts, because God never counts us out.

Containing lines like, “I have changed, no going back”, this my friends is a life changing message many hearts which have been stuck in a cycle of pain yearn for. The lyrics are simply what we need, so we end up not only listening with our ears, but we hear every rhythm with our heart.

Then, line after line the song resonates the message we want to hear.
Each day we live we can take for granted, but this breath we breathe is a gift. This song will captivate us, and then it will let us explode in overwhelming praise.

“Forever the same, I got a reason to worship you my King”, K-Anthony leads us in raising the highest praise as we shout Hallelujah. Oh it’s a wonderful love that is available to us everyday.

In a world where happy moments are so short lived, it is so thrilling to feel this love that is essentially life changing. This is best captured in the line, “You are more than a friend… with a love that knows no end”. We will not go a day without His love, “Everyday” we are in His love. The heart of worship is not what we have received, but who God is. He is our King, but God is so loving that He gives us reason to love Him.

The song concludes that, “I have a reason to shout Hallelujah, Everyday”. I’m sure the melody will echo in your head as it is so infectious that it won’t be a one time listen, but will be on replay.


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