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Multi-Talented Christian urban-contemporary artiste, CalledOut Music has released his new album ‘Portraits’.

The singer who clocked 25 few weeks ago, said;

“…just like babies learn to crawl, then walk then run & jump, it’s deffo been the same for me with ‘CalledOut’ – But it’s cool to have a God who’s patient with me in every stage of my development. I’m still growing without a doubt and it only gets better from here, but for everyone who’s been a part of the journey, whatever stage you found me, thank you!

It felt like the best time to begin this new phase with an album that shows a picture of the stage I’m in right now.

My heart’s desire for this album is for the listener to feel the love of Jesus & be inspired to become more like Christ so that every Self ‘Portrait’ you take of yourself each day looks more and more like Jesus”.


1. Anything – Written & Produced by CalledOut Music
2. Soaring High – Written by CalledOut Music, Produced by Goziam Okogwu
3. Eternity – Written by CalledOut Music, co-produced by CalledOut Music & Whiteblock Group
4. Nothing Else – Co-written by CalledOut Music & Chibuzo, Produced by CalledOut Music
5. Grace – Written by CalledOut Music, Produced by Goziam Okogwu
6. Already Won – Written by CalledOut Music, Produced by Michael Oyo
7. Warm Embrace – Co-written by CalledOut Music & Marizu, Produced by CalledOut Music
8. Weights – Written & Produced by CalledOut Music

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