Album: Intricately Woven by Gregg Hart

"Intricately Woven" is a double album that started out in response to COVID-19. Fully funded and then some on Kickstarter, it is an album to listen to to help bring relaxation, peace and the assurance that God is still in control. The songs on the first disc are all inspired by various passages fro Psalm 139 and are generally laid back and relaxing, perhaps a great disc to listen to end your day.

Songs on the 2nd disc might be a great way to start your day and are inspired by creativity and creation as a whole and tend to have more energy, as well as more complex song structuring, delving into unorthodox time signatures and a slightly more progressive sound that some might liken to Trans Siberian Orchestra.

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Track List 
0. First Breath - Jennifer's Song
01. For The Choir Director
02. You Knew Me
03. You Are There
04. Wings Of The Dawn
05. Praise Song
06. Secret Place
07. Depths Of The Earth
08. Your Eyes
09. Knitted Together
10. Intricately Woven
11. Precious To Me
12. The Way Everlasting
13. The Beginning Of Time
14. Held Together
15. Your Name Means Life
16. Untangled
17. Great Designer
18. Christmas In July
19. Knitpicker
21. Redemption
22. The Unborn Heartbeat

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