I Smile by Kirk Franklin

Reassuring us of the possibilities in a brand new day and also to remember to smile, this track is a masterpiece and one of the greatest gospel songs to have come from one of America’s best gospel singers to the world. Off the ‘Hello Fear’ album, Kirk makes this one for the not so overtly religious who still want to find their way back to God as he always does.

Made A Way by Travis Greene

Every Christian should have this song on their playlist. There are not a lot of songs out there that combine appreciation to God for bringing us through turbulent times and a cry to God for deliverance from all the strongholds in our lives. Inspired by personal experiences and a testimony he shares with whoever cares to listen, this song is a timeless classic and a must-have.

Faithful is our God by Hezekiah Walker

With a very simple yet direct message of the reasons why I am sure to reap the harvests that God promised me, faithful is our God is one of the very best works of Gospel music minister Hezekiah walker. If you are a choir person then this is one is definitely for you.

You Are the Living Word by Fred Hammond

Yet another timeless classic, You are the Living Word by Ace America Gospel music artist, this song went from the original to covers to remakes to special ministrations to worship sessions and all the works. It is amazing to note that the lyrics and the spirit behind the songs are still very relevant even today.

The Ultimate by Phil Thompson

If God has the final word in your life and His word is settled in your life, this is your song. Is He the infinite and the ultimate in your life? Do you trust God? This is your jam. Shanan Wilson did bring this one home and tied it neatly with a bow. Within the first few seconds of listening, you can’t but love this track.

Your Great Name by Todd Dulaney

At the beginning you think you are listening to a classic Hillsong track then his voice comes wafting in lending the song that black gospel vibe. needless to say, this song is the best of both realms. Todd Dulaney is to be respected. He knows his craft for sure.

Forever by James Fortune and FIYA ft. Todd Galberth

This track tells the story of the crucifixion of Jesus and all that He gave up just for us. For this reason, forever He is our savior, redeemer, and giver of light. Because forever He is holy and worthy we will forever sing Glory to His name.

Nobody Greater by Vashawn Mitchel

Vashawn Mitchel is one amazing inspiring gospel artist. Nobody greater is one of his best works yet and by all indications, he is just beginning. This song is easily a worship song anyday.

Stand by John P Kee

Stand. And in everything you do make sure you stand. No matter what is going on in the world or what your friends are saying, stand to take your stand firmly in the word of God. That is the whole essence of this song. That is the central message being passed. This is a song you want on your playlist on those days you are not sure of what to do.

I can only imagine by Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann is a vocal powerhouse any day. That’s a fact. This track however focuses on more. This deep rendition is more than just a song or a collection of riffs and runs. It paints an imaginary picture of what will happen on the glorious day when Jesus comes. It also evokes the feeling that cannot be explained in words. All to be imagines.

Just to know Him by Charles Jenkins

Slow tempo; gentle feel; refection mode. This song is more about the words than the performance of it. I dare say that the delivery of this song in that manner was deliberate so that more attention is paid to the words sand. That way the message sins deeper and you can’t seem.

The ‘I Am’ Factor by Donald Lawrence Ft. Bishop Tudor Bismark. 

The sweetest part of this song is the short exaltation right at the beginning (that is if you listen to the live performance version) in a couple of minutes, the bishop drives home the message very succinctly so that you glide through the song and repeat. The ‘I Am’ Factor is such a blessing. Spirit lifting and joy-giving.

Glorified by Salvation Ministries Choir

This is another one that choir people (being the name we are going to use to refer to those who like the idea of large choirs and choir renditions as against solos and light bands) the contributions of the salvation ministries choir cannot be overstated. Glorified is one of our all-time favorites.

Order my steps by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

You cannot mention the top 5 of wave-making gospel choirs in the US and leave out The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Chances are that they will be in your top 3. Order my steps is a song of theirs that is directly inspired by heaven and simply divine.

Here I am by Marvin Sapp

about seven months after the release of his record-breaking album, his world was rocked when his wife MaLinda Sapp died in September 2010 after a nearly 18-month fight with colon cancer. He and his 43-year-old wife had three children together - a 17-year-old boy and two girls at the age of 14 and 12.He went through such a turbulent time.

In a bit to capture his experience and to say “Thank You God” for seeing me through this ordeal, he wrote and performed Here I am.  He simply poured his soul into that song and time and time again when you listened to it, it became brand new.

He never failed me yet by Dietrick Haddon.

Rendered in an American version of the reggae genre, this is an American classic. We are sure to still have this track in our playlist for a long time to come. The sweet blend of the solo and choir background will make sure of that.

Before the Throne by Shekinah glory Ministry. 

The simplicity of this delivery. The riffs and runs to guide you through. The adlibs that lead to a climax that never seems to end before descending to a beautiful end. This is the best way to describe the structure of this song. This is another of our all-time favorite gospel choir.

Living in the Overflow by William Murphy

This one is a jam. From start to finish it will get you on your feet praising, declaring, and prophesying. William Murphy knows how to drop it hot with every on point. Released in the year 2007, it sounds just like it was done yesterday.

Powerful God by JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise. 

New sound, fresh anointing, timely message, sound delivery, and many more characterize this song by JJ Hairston and the youthful praise. The writing style is similar to Kirk Franklin if we are, to be honest, but not entirely so. I think I wouldn’t be far fetched to assume that the later was a big influence on the former.

Just to know him by Charles Jenkins Ft. Bryon Cage and fellowship Chicago

Another mellow tempo that is devoid of riffs and runs. Charles Jenkins focuses more on the message embedded in the song rather than the theatrics of it. His first album titled… was released in… and since then he has been blazing the trail.

Written by:
Anthony Olushola Undiandeye

Anthony Olushola Undiandeye is a passionate and dedicated creative who finds joy in providing solutions to problems. An astute lover of God, and a critic of all things creative content creator, radio host, and social media manager.  Shola tells it as he sees it.

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