Prolific Gospel music crooner Desam stages a nostalgic masterpiece. With his usual powerful and assertive vocals the song; "Power of a Woman" is reminiscent of the sensational musical feels of the 90's.

Featuring fellow singer, Minas the lyrics is a vocal rendition of the virtues of a woman and a gentle admonition of her uncanny abilities to "pull you down!"

"She is fearless, she is bold ”Power of a Woman” is inherently evergreen as it takes us back in time with the beat, and at the same time jolts us to the present, with the message!  The song is a song "For All Time."

Lyrics :
Take me back to the 90s.
A woman can bring you up , a woman can bring you down.
A woman can make you smile , a woman can you cry .
Don't play, don't play,  with the heart of a woman.
Never underestimate the power of a woman.
A woman can multiply whatever you give to her
A woman can build her home ,
A woman can bring it down.
Don't play, don't play ,games with her heart.
Never underestimate the power of a woman.

Chrous :
She got the power ohh
Women got the Power oh
She got the Power oh
when you treat a woman right.
You just treat a nation right oh

I believe in a strong woman
I believe in a woman who is able
To stand for herself
A beautiful woman
Ohh yeahh

She don't need nobody
She just need's the one
Who made the heaven's n the earth
I believe that if you have a strong woman
A woman you can pray with
You don't wanna make yourself look
Like a fool
She's fearless n she's bold for real
The power of a woman

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