Music: "In Everything" and "Jesus Saves" - SeoBong

Dr. Nse-Obong Blessing Undie AKA SeoBong is a Christian author and a musician. She writes and sings from her home in Abuja, Nigeria. More so, SeoBong's love for writing started way back in university as a medical student. 

Besides writing, SeoBong has the gift of singing which helps her to convert every piece of writing around her to music. In addition, SeoBong sings as one of the lead vocalists in her local church where she has composed several songs for the choir overtime. Beside other numerous songs that SeoBong has written, she is now out with two brand new singles; "In Everything" and "Jesus Saves". 

"In Everything" is available on all major DIGITAL STORES 

God's hand is evident in our lives in all conditions.  He preserves us in the storms, guides us in the rain and gently leads us in the good times or the gentle breeze. His care and faithfulness is seen in our everyday lives. God is invisible yet so real, He is awesome yet He loves us so tenderly. It's incredible. Hallelujah!

Jesus Saves is available on  DIGITAL STORES

There's only one name given that men might be saved and that is the name of Jesus. Whosoever calls on His name shall be saved. Irrespective of past sins, age, condition, experience, or location. Jesus still saves today. Call Him and surrender to Him today just the way you are because tomorrow might be too late. He cares

Twitter: @NseUndie
Instagram: @nseobong_undie

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