(Album) Deeper Still by We Dream of Eden


Deeper Still is the new album from ambient artist We Dream of Eden (Kirk Smith).

The music of We Dream of Eden has been described as "a place to think, a place to breathe, a place to dream" (Rural Sounds) and featured on a wide variety of Spotify editorial playlists, including Stress Relief and Lava Lamp. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind this new release, only his second full-length album, Smith explains that he "wanted to capture the wonder of finding beauty in the ordinary patterns that seem to come together by accident; The shapes of trees, the never ending shades of green, the way rain falls, the way watercolors run and fade."

Produced in a stunning lowercase ambient style, Deeper Still is a meditation on the mystery of everyday beauty, a pathway to inner stillness, to sacred spaces that we never knew existed.


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