Music Video: "TONIGHT" - Rhyan LaMarr

Music artist, film director, and music producer Rhyan LaMarr takes viewers on a visual journey handcrafted to emulate the 1990s in his new music video for "TONIGHT." All while unpacking his mind-state as it relates to being a Christian in love, Rhyan, with the help of Caleb Taylor and KC Wavey, break down being in a relationship during tough times. One needs to "do away" with the distractions this world can bring and focus on each other in "TONIGHT."

In 2020, Rhyan LaMarr released his debut album aPERFECTmess to rave reviews. aPERFECTmess features appearances by Jonathan Mcreynolds, Social Club Misfits, Don Benjamin, Canon, 1K Phew, and others.

aPERFECTmess is a motley crew of unorthodox sounds intertwined with swampy gospel threads, stitched together with R&B and hip-hop fashion. "We set out to create a cinematic representation of what unity sounds like through music when we lift our voices for the kingdom," Rhyan shared. "It took me my whole life to make this album, but this album is my whole life. Personally, my life has been a mess, however God, through His perfection has shown so much grace that has enabled me to get through the storm."

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