Relent Announces Upcoming Single "Ghost" set to release on June 11


Recently Relent announced their next single titled "Ghost," releasing on June 11. This announcement was made during their live stream concert on May 22 alongside Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh (GFM), and Spoken. This will be the band's third single since their debut full-length album, Heart Attack. That album was re-released in 2020 through Rockfest Records.

"Ghost" will follow after their last two singles, "Think You Got It" and "Last Days." There has not been an announcement of a new record officially yet.

Relent is a nu-metal band from Texas, currently signed to Rockfest Records alongside other Christian rock and metal bands such as Fireflight, Amongst the Giants, and Seventh Day Slumber. Their 2016 single "Rise" became a hit quickly, gaining attention from fans of bands like P.O.D., Linkin Park, and RED. With help from Rockfest Records, they have continued to gain momentum with their singles and touring/show opportunities.

Source: NRT Staff Reports (RA)

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