The Church Will Sing Drops New Single “Worthy Is Your Name (Exalted) [feat. Cecily & Reach City Worship]"

Curb | Word Entertainment's The Church Will Sing recently released "Worthy Is Your Name (Exalted) [feat. Cecily & Reach City Worship]." You can listen to the compelling new track by clicking here.

"Worthy Is Your Name (Exalted) [feat. Cecily & Reach City Worship]" is the second release this year from The Church Will Sing, with "The Risen Lamb Of God (feat. Matthews Ntlele and Bridge Worship)," being released this past April just after Easter Sunday. Continuing its mission to incorporate churches from across the United States and around the world as the featured vocalists on each song, "Worthy Is Your Name (Exalted)" features Cecily, an 18-year-old Nashville-based Jesus lover. The song also highlights the voices of Reach City Worship, a group from Tampa, FL that gives a voice to the local and global Christian community by sharing the sentiment and sound of Reach City Church.

Written by Tony Wood, Lucas Cortazio, Evelyn Heideriqui, John Wesley Honaker, and Oscar Gamboa, "Worthy Is Your Name (Exalted) [feat. Cecily & Reach City Worship]" draws the church to experience the all-encompassing love of Jesus. Inspired by Revelation 5:12-13, the lyrics call us all to raise our voices in praise of God, coming together as a unified body, hearts consumed in adoration for the One who will always be worthy.

Stream or purchase "Worthy Is Your Name (Exalted) [feat. Cecily & Reach City Worship]" here. For more information, visit

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Source: Curb/Word Records

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