Music: Adeola Martins - Olorun Ara

Nigerian Gospel Music Minister, an anointed worshipper with a unique voice and special grace upon her life, Adeola Martins released a single from her latest album "God of Wonders" titled "OLORUN ARA"

"Olorun Ara" was birthed out of a deep consideration of the brilliant and awesome nature of God. The wonderful acts of God are displayed across the scripture and are evident in the beauties we see around us today. Have you considered how a foetus develops in the womb of a woman and is delivered as a baby? Do you have an idea when the foundation of the earth was laid or how it has remained amazingly unshaken till date? This song speaks volume on some of the many wonders of God; you would appreciate creations better when you listen.

Ara re po o, Olorun Ara,
Ara re po o , Olorun Ara,
Ara lo fi fomo pa mo sinu obinrin , Ara re po o,
Ara lo fi fomi pa mo sinu agbon ara re po o

Verse 1. Olorun to daye atorun , Ara re po o,
Ohun re to fa go kedari ya, Ara lo fi see
You made the world your foot stool ,my Lord you are so great,
You are the unquestionable God
Ara re po o o

Verse 2.
Ta lole tuse re wo o ,Olorun Agbaye,
Ojo to nro le gbogbo eda Lori nibo lotiwa,
Sanmo ti ataa lewa Lori nko , ki lo gbe duro,
Everything we see about you is Great ,Ara re po oooo

Call:Ara ni o ,Olorun Ara o
Res: Ara ni ooo
Call:Gbogbo ise re ta nri laaye Ara no
Res Ara ni oo
Call: Sanmo ti ata lewa lori ara ni
Res: Ara ni o
Call: Baye se Tobi to Apoti itise lofi we
Res: Ara ni o
Call: Baba Iwo lo tobi, Oga, Ofe, Opor
Call:Jesu mi to nsise ara
Res: Ara ni o
Call:Ola fi we ,Ola fijo
Res: Ara ni o
Call:Alagbara,Alagbara ni
Res: Ara ni o
Call:Everything I see about you is great
Res: Ara ni o
Call: Ko seni ti mo le fi o we
Res: Ara ni o

Vamp: Ara ni o,Olorun Ara, Kosun ti mo 
le fi o owe, Ara ni o, 
Olorun ara koseni to mo le fi owe

About Adeola Martins: 
She is the Director of Reformed Worship Ministry based in Lagos and the Host of a Prophetic Worship Experience tagged (Reformed Worship). Adeola Martins has served as Music Director and Praise Team Leader in different Churches. She has shared the stage with other ministers of the gospel like Evang Tope Alabi, Tosin Bee, ONOS, Wale Ayeni, Evang Bukola (Senwele-Jesu), and many others. She had ministered in various churches, conferences, seminars, and Christian events across nations. She is happily married to Adebola Martins and blessed with two lovely Kids.  

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