Legendary gospel music diva and multi-award winner  known for her pulsating upbeat and meaningful lyrics.

Princess Anne Inyang of the Akanam Nkwe fame releases a new single GOD PUNISH THE DEVIL. The Canada based crooner and song writer says "this is a song of praise and warfare, intended to motivate and provoke you to take back ALL the devil stole from you. 

Here's power in praise" she reiterated.

Princess Anne is the author of various songs written in the 80s and 90s and used in churches worldwide.  Songs like, THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER, YESU UNI WANGU,  GOD CANNOT LIE, TWINBA LELO,  YOU ARE WORTHY LORD, EKWAK UBOK UBOK, MY HELPER, PURE FIRE, CHIM O CHIM, HIGHLY FAVOURED, ALL THE WAY WITH JESUS, POWER IN THE WORD to mention a few. Take a listen, enjoy the track and view other songs of hers on YouTube.

Watch Video Below;

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