[Music + Video] Glory To Your Name - TierraDawn feat Jumbo

TIERRADAWN the Maryland based artist breaks into the gospel music scene with an unforgettable new single titled GLORY TO YOUR NAME featuring Jumbo Ane.

This song was birthed from a place of prayer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cornerstone Church created an initiative of 12 noon intercessory prayer for the nation and to call upon the name of the Lord for mercy.  I began praying like Daniel — 3 times daily as it related to the nation, the state of the world, and personal inquiries. This consecrated prayer time many times ended up in a time of worship and praise to God.  

On this particular 12 noon prayer time, we were reminded about Jehoshaphat from 2 Chronicles 20 who went to war against a huge army from Edom, men from Moab, Ammon and Mount Seir. Before war was declared or any victory had been one, a sound of praise to the Lord was released because of His glory and holiness. They gave thanks to the Lord for His faithful love continues forever.  What resulted was nothing short of a miracle. Jehoshaphat’s enemies self-destructed; they destroyed one another.  

The Lord made them happy because all their enemies were dead! 

This song is a song of praise and thanksgiving to God for who Yahweh is in our lives. Before the storm is over, we give praise. In the midst of being overwhelmed, we give thanksgiving. Being disillusioned and surrounded on all sides, we can lift up a Hallelujah praise to our God because of His glory! We give GLORY TO YOUR NAME! 

Watch Video Below;

You alone are worthy of my praise
Jesus Jesus

Verse 1: 
Bright and Morning Star You are
You turn my life around
What a mighty God You are
Yahweh You cause the blind to see
You give food to the hungry
You do such marvelous things
I give glory to your name o
Everybody sing

I give glory to your name o (x8)
Ad Libs: 
You are the most high God
Heaven and Earth adore Your name
I give glory to your name
Worthy of my praises
I give glory to your name 

Verse 2: 
Great and mighty God you are
You reign in all the earth
All power belongs to you
All generations will come to testify
That none compares to you
King of the universe
glory to your name 
I give glory to your name o (x8)
Ad Libs:
We give glory to your name o
Captain of my soul
Lord you make me whole
Keeper of my life
Lord you lift me high
When I think of all you've done
You part the sea
Raise the dead
Heal the sick
Holy One
Mighty God
Great I am

Trumpet Interlude

Halle Halle Halle Halle x2
Halle Halle Hallelujah Iyelele

Ad lib:
Halleluyah is the highest praise
Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleluyah Iyelele 
We join with the angels
You alone are worthy are great
We declare Halle

TierraDawn is a native of Washington, DC, currently based in Maryland. She is the daughter of Collin and Mablelene Burrell.

She was baptized at the age of 8 years old and rededicated her life to the Lord at 20 years. Tierra started her music ministry at 4 years old in the choir at East White Oak Missionary Baptist Church. After moving to Maryland, she served faithfully in the children’s and youth choirs at The People’s Community Baptist Church, TPCBC, before leaving to pursue her undergraduate studies at Brown University. After graduating with her bachelors in Biology. She returned to serve in the Young Adult Praise Team at TPCBC until relocating back to North Carolina to attain her medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

After deciding to pursue a career as a pediatrician, she entered residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Here, she served in the Praise Team at Bethel Cincinnati in Every Nations Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Brian Taylor. 

She served consistently until transitioning to Baltimore, Maryland to begin her post-doctoral research fellowship at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. During her fellowship, she ministered through songs at Soteria Church in Woodlawn, Maryland. Currently, she is attending Cornerstone Church in Bowie, Maryland while practicing as a pediatrician for Kaiser Permanente.

In 2017, TierraDawn had an encounter with God where she received the vision to evangelize through song. During this encounter, God began His ministry of songwriting. In 2020, she debuted her first project with guest ministers Peter Tobe and Jumbo Ane.

Follow Tierra Dawn on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel for new music and ministry updates.

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