Music: Ogo Jesu (The Glory of Jesus) - Bose Adeyemo


US Based Nigerian Gospel Singer and Praise Leader, Bose Adeyemo surfaced with a new single titled “Ogo Jesu” meaning “The Glory of Jesus” in English.

The song which speaks about the unending Glory every believer is entitled to experience in Christ is a danceable Yoruba Praise Song. A stunning lyric video was also released alongside to visualize the words and purpose of the song.

In her words –“The glory of God describes the manifestation of God’s presence to manifest the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s glory through our lord Jesus Christ. You must step out of your comfort zone to do the impossible by putting your trust in Jesus Christ, put your faith to work and promote unity in the body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The glory of God does everything. Every time I sing this song I always feel the presence and the power of God that has blessed and changed my life drastically. No Power or Glory on this earth can be compared with the Glory of God. Therefore, I want you to give your life to Christ as your life will never remain the same. He has done it in my life, He will do it in yours too because I am a true living testimony of God’s glory, alleluia.”

The official music video for this song is currently under production and till be released any time soon.

Bose Adeyemo has been in the Gospel Music scene for over twelve years since 2008. She has released several songs and albums such as Mimo Ologo Julo, Akaikatan Ore, He Loves Me, Kini Mafi Dupe and many more.

Being a Member of Cornerstone Firms’s International, Bose Adeyemo also known as Bose Ologo hails from Akoko North West in Ondo State and is happily married with wonderful children.

Watch Lyrics Video Below;


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