Todd Dulaney Launches Music Production Company for Rising Artists

Chicago, IL, August 10, 2021 – Grammy-nominated gospel artist Todd Dulaney has launched a subscription-based music production company, DulaneyLand Music, to provide accessible, affordable, and customized services to artists. From pre-launch, DulaneyLand Music already boasts 500+ paid artist subscribers and is actively catering to 76 clients, meeting song production needs, and crafting marketing campaigns.

Dulaney has seen undiscovered talented individuals who lack the resources, knowledge, or connections to break into the music industry. DulaneyLand Music partners directly with major organizations and expert professionals to bridge these gaps. DulaneyLand offers an alternative to the high barrier entry point of traditional music production by creating opportunities for affordable production, revenue, and exposure. Notably, DulaneyLand also allows clients to retain ownership of their songs and masters.

DulaneyLand offers a virtual experience, connecting clients across the country with ongoing and personalized access to services. Their on-demand model offers speed and momentum to create new music at faster rates while maintaining quality production standards. Their subscription-based service also provides artists with 30-day options to meet every client’s unique needs.

“I’ve always wanted to even the playing field for aspiring artists everywhere, and the one place I knew we could make a real difference is granting access to top tier music production,” said Dulaney.

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