Music: GOD OF TRUST - Glowreeyah Braimah

Glowreeyah the Nigeria based gospel music artist releases a new song titled GOD OF TRUST.

North, South, East and West!
It feels like the whole earth is groaning in birth-pangs at the same time with a pandemic, territorial invasions, inflation, environmental hazards etc.

It is evident to all that we live in unprecedented times.

Money in the bank cannot be relied upon to sufficiently meet all needs.
Regulatory policies keep changing the course and direction of national and global economies.
Nature can sometimes act and lash out like an untamed beast.
The arm of man may fail us sometimes.

What and who can be trusted?
Where is the anchor when everything seems to be falling apart?

With 'GOD OF TRUST', Music Minister/Songwriter Glowreeyah Braimah, brilliantly and artistically bridges biblical encounters of ancient testimonies with eternal relevance to our contemporary stance hinging on the foundation that regardless of time, season and/or circumstances, GOD CAN BE TRUSTED!!!

Glowreeyah encourages us with this new sound to check out God's track record of faithfulness, reliability and love through the course of history reminding us all that GOD CAN BE TRUSTED right where we are today!

Glowreeyah expresses a vulnerability and vow with the phrase ''I will trust You forever more''
and a dependability on The Loving One who can never forget His own!

'God of Trust' is reassuring as it is prophetic!
It feels like a hug to your heart and a soar to your step!
You can dance and sway to this!
You can worship with this!

Watch Lyrics Video Below;

'God of Trust' is now available on all DIGITAL STORES

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