Multi-gifted gospel music minister and Voice-over artist is out with a single that captures one of the darkest moments in the history of Nigeria’s street protest and he titled it “Remember 20-10-20”.

In his words;

“It’s one year, but the memories are fresh in our hearts. Folks lost their sons, daughters, husbands, wives and friends in the struggle for a better Nigeria.

We choose to remember
We choose to honor them
We continually lend our voice
We continually push for a better nation
This our cry
We celebrate the fallen heroes”

CLARKSON is a multi-gifted artist who believes in lending his voice for a common good and has found music as a great tool to actualizing this.

He is so passionate about the things of God, yet so patriotic as it touches Nigeria, and this has led to him releasing this music project, REMEMBER, in honor of all those who lost their lives exactly one year ago during the #EndSarsProstest and what has now been termed the Lekki Massacre.

REMEMBER – Lyrics:

We will not forget
We will not forget
The labour of comrades
The labour of our heroes

We will not forget
We will not forget
The labour of our comrades
The struggle for Nigeria

Now they are here no more
The baton’s passed to us
We must finish their song
We must echo their voice
Our anthem raised
For this cause and much more
For the people behind us
Generations after us

Yes they gave up their lives
And they bled for this cause
How can we forget
How can we forget

Eh o Eh o Oh

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