Music: Na Only You by Peace Adeoti

Nigeria gospel artist Peace Adeoti is out with her latest single titled Na Only You. This song birthed in the place of and deep communion with the father.

She believes that no matter the situation,God is still our father, his arms are always open wide to receive and give us the courage and comfort we need.

The pain of losing her beloved husband in 2019 was turned to praise through this song she’s sharing with the world 

Let your praise never cease no matter what you’re going through!

Lyrics: Na Only You by Peace Adeoti

Verse 1.
Na only you deserve my praise 
Se na only you deserve my love
Na only you make sense oh
and in you alone I find rest

Papa oh
Papa oh 
Papa oh
Papa oh

Verse 2.
Okan mi yin oba orun 
Mu ore wa si odo re
Wo ta wosan ta dariji 
Ta laba yin biire 
Wo ta wosan ta dariji o
Ta la ba yin biire 2x

Baba oh
Baba oh
Baba oh 
Baba oh 

Verse 3.
Testimonies everywhere 
Miracle monies everywhere 
Anything wey I touch
E just dey happen for me

For this life 
Anything wey i want
Na you dey do am for me
Ore ore bamidele oh(ore)
Ayo ayo ayo Sinmi dele oh

Ayo ayo temi ni oh
Ire oh tele mi
Bale mi,yimika
Ayo oh

Pade mi tele mi bami dele oh oh oh
Victory wey no dey finish oh
Na my own o
Na your own o
Dance the victory dance

Jesus (I put my trust in you) 
I put my trust in you
I put my trust in you

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