Your Eyes See Me [Acoustic] Mission House, Nashville Life Music, Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt

North-Carolina folk band Mission House release a new stunning version of their latest album opener 'Your Eyes See Me' featuring Nashville Life Music. The song is a beautiful reminder that when we call to the Lord, He hears and He answers us. 

There's a repetitive nature to 'Your Eyes See Me', instilling the truth that in moments when we feel unseen, in the darkness, and are facing difficult things, we are never forgotten. Mission House and Dwan Hill of Nashville Life Music became friends through some songwriting gatherings, having shared a mutual admiration for a while. 

They really wanted to bring a bit of the bigger Mission House band (Solomon Simahla on keys) to join in with Nashville Life Music on this celebratory song of God's deep love and knowledge of His people, adding a new dimension -- it is good to hear a chorus of voices singing that we are seen by God!


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