First gospel song fully sung and created by a robot singer


One of the latest gospel music releases has been fully created by an artificial intelligence gospel artist.

Created by Marquis Boone Enterprises, the gospel artist is named "J.C" and has released a song entitled "Biblical Love". 

In a press release, the company said the song is "about unquantifiable love beyond description or measure - a love of biblical proportions that transcends to everyone and everything!" 

According to Relevant Magazine, this is the first gospel song ever written, recorded and performed by an algorithm.

The American-based company has also set up an Instagram account for J.C. One of the latest posts is a video of the gospel artist explaining how he was made. 

"I was created with computers, or should I say on a computer? Structure, design, shape, texture, skin, complexion, I can´t wait for you see me". 

The creation of JC has taken the company a little over a year and it plans to continue to develop and invest resources in virtual gospel industry creation. 

Marquis Boone, CEO of the company, concluded: "We are excited to be one of the pioneers and trailblazers in this A.I. space in the gospel industry and we have more plans to release and develop even more A.I. artist like this."

The debate around Artificial Intelligence and Christianity has been making headlines during the last months. Earlier this year a survey revealed a quarter of UK adults say they would be comfortable taking spiritual advice from an artificial intelligence priest.

Article by Kelly Valencia


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