My Eyes Are Open (Acoustic) by Mission House

The powerful duo of Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt weave their soaring vocals with intricate harmonies and lyrical poetry in this intimate look at the songs from their first debut album, 'I Heard A Song I Can’t Ignore.' Stripping back that project’s expansive sonics, 'My Eyes Are Open' shows us what happens when the band grabs a couple acoustic guitars and invites their friends over. 

Mission House has made a lot of fans since they emerged on the scene in 2019, and a lot of those new fans show up to sing along on 'My Eyes Are Open'. Listen in and see why artists like Josh Baldwin, Andrew Peterson, Sarah McMillan, Leslie Jordan, Nashville Life Music, Corey Voss and others can’t help but jump in and be a part of the exciting story Mission House is telling.

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