Tasha and Tauren featured on Apple Music's 'Carols Covered' exclusive holiday collection


Apple Music announced that Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Tauren Wells are featured in their second annual Carols Covered collection of exclusive holiday tracks. All of the songs on Apple's new playlist are in Spatial Audio, giving each track an immersive feel.

The playlist features Tauren Wells' take on NSYNC's "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" and Tasha Cobb Leonard's rendition of "The First Noel." Recently, Tasha and Tauren opened up about why these covers are special to them.

"This song kind of brings up a holiday memory," Tasha Cobb Leonard shares of "The First Noel." "When I was younger, my aunt would take a group of kids from our church. So it was our youth ministry, honestly. And we would go caroling from house to house. You don't see that that often now, but this takes me back to that memory of caroling from house to house."

"I love the groove of the song. You can tell that the guys in NSYNC were just having a lot of fun with it," Tauren Wells states. "But we slowed it down in my version a little bit, changed the pocket up a little bit, so you really feel of groove to it. I love music that has that pocket, that groove and rhythm to it that just gets you moving, gets your head bobbing, and really gets you in the feeling for the season."

You can listen to Tasha Cobb Leonard's and Tauren Wells' new Apple Music exclusive covers by clicking here.

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Source: NRT Staff Reports (GC)

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