Radio host slammed for mentioning Jesus' birth in Christmas segment

A radio host has come under fire after discussing the origins of the Christmas story on his Australian show.

Richard Glover, host of ABC Sydney's Drive programme received backlash from listeners after he interviewed a Christian scholar on the birth of Jesus Christ, as part of an exploration into the origins of Christmas.

The episode 'Do you know the story of Jesus' birth?' was part of his Self-Improvement Wednesday series in which he discussed two accounts of the birth of Jesus Christ with Reverend Professor Dorothy Lee from Melbourne's University of Divinity. 

The broadcast caused outrage amongst some listeners who argued it was inappropriate and offensive to cover the topic of religion and Christianity on the drive time show.

Mr Glover - an atheist, defended the segment on Twitter as "wonderful and compelling whatever your beliefs" and questioned some people's responses.

He tweeted: "So many angry about seven minutes of radio today on the biblical account of the birth of Jesus - featuring an Australian scholar who happens to be one of the world's best. I know many don't believe - I don't - but why so angry about a Christian trip into a foundation text?"

One Twitter user responded saying: "Because we are a secular country and the national broadcaster is supposed to be too."

"What's next? L Ron Hubbard and Scientology", said another.

While one post compared the content to airing the views of "antivaxx conspiracy nuts" or "neo-Nazi's".

Others were more supportive of the segment, echoing Glover's sentiments. 

"Since when have we become so closed minded to learning? A broad education creates discussion and different viewpoints. That's called democracy," one commenter said.

Another tweeted: "What is so wrong with it? People are silly. It's just stories discussed by an expert in that field."

Article by Heather Preston
Heather Preston is a multimedia journalist for Premier.


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