I Believe It Now (feat. Olivia Lane) by Sidewalk Prophets

With a combined social audience reach between Sidewalk Prophets and Olivia Lane of nearly 2 million -- including Lane's 400,000 followers on TikTok -- this fresh new pairing reminds us all about the power of music, and what it means to be a fan. On one hand, the Dove Award-winning, established #1 hitmakers on the radio with their latest hit. 
On the other, the newcomer artist with a powerful story about her journey from Atheist to Christian who has captivated a dynamically-growing following on TikTok. Lane hears Sidewalk Prophets' "I Believe It Now" and is so deeply impacted by its proclamation following her own story she has been sharing with the world. 
A couple of phone calls connect the two acts who decide to come together for a new-for-2022 version of one of the most life-changing songs you will hear.

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