[Album] Anima Libera by Gionathan

[Album] Anima Libera by Gionathan

After conquering the Sanremo Rock Festival, the Sanremo CMF and the Italian Urban Charts, Gionathan debuts with his solo album “Anima Libera”.

The album was completely written and produced by the Turin multi-talented artist. Released by the Swiss label profimusic, “Anima Libera” is available with 13 packed, groovy songs in digital form, on CD and in limited edition also on vinyl.

The album is an eclectic musical journey that moves through funk, soulful melodies, rap and modern urban sound. This results in Gionathan’s signature unique style.

The voice of Gionathan, which is compared by many to Alex Baroni and to that of Neffa because of its style and lightness, shows many nuances on this album. From the soft and sensual atmospheres of “Good Premonition” and “Dimmi di no” to the cheeky and sarcastic irony of “Corro e basta” and “Friendzone” and from the melancholic romanticism of ballads like “Niente di strano” and “A tempo su di noi”, to the cheerfulness and light-heartedness of “Stanotte”, “Caduta libera” and “I Feel the Groove”.

“Anima Libera” contains on the one hand autobiographical songs, but also cinematic narratives, in which Gionathan reveals a lot about himself and catapults the listener directly into stories and situations.

An album that arrives directly and immediately and represents Gionathan’s personality in a creative way. Even more so, since Gionathan from writing, recording, mixing to the implementation of the music videos, each made the implementation.

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