The Ripple Effect - Pastor Keion Henderson


What are you hiding? We can be powerful, prosperous, and even have a platform, but we all have something we don’t want others to see. No matter how well you cover up your wounds or how much confidence you exude, God can’t bless who you pretend to be. 
When we dare to be honest about who we are, we experience God’s healing power. So, ask yourself: Who am I? What has kept me bound? Drop the disguise, and watch how quickly you’ll walk into your destiny!

Message: The Ripple Effect
Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-19 (KJV)
Speaker: Pastor Keion Henderson
Date: April 24, 2022


  1. I love listening to keion henderson sermons. He is so engaging, he knows how to capture his audience's attention and connects with them. I always enjoy listening to him and I hope many people find him too.

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