S.W.A.T. Team Sistas With A Testimony

In the Gospel Industry, we have seen traditional vocalist like CeCe Winnans, Tamela Mann, and Tasha Cobbs dominate the air waves. But… In Christian Hip Hop, standout women's representation has been far and few. With Wande being undoubtedly the most recognizable CHH artist, with just over 100k followers on Instagram, she is dwarfed in comparison to the likes of Tasha Cobbs with 2.2 million supporters!

Some may say that Christian Hip Hop as genre by itself, maybe still in its infancy. Even when comparing to the top rapper in Gospel music, Lecrae, who is coming in strong with 1.9 million IG followers… The drop off from the top man to the top woman is very real. It’s apparent that we need to bridge the gap!

Here are some of the veteran Queens of Christian Hip Hop you should know plus some that’s on the rise! Sonically speaking, there are some very talented female artist who represents God in the Hip Hop game who should definitely garner more attention.

When you think about veteran female Kingdom emcees, you can’t go no further than Erica Mason (ig@ericamasonmusic). Erica’s flow, style, and pen are amazing. Never “Unappreciated ” her lyrics are transparent and vulnerable, listeners can vividly watch her bars as if it were a movie. Her delivery is definitely refreshing and engaging in a world where it seems like everyone has ADD/ADHD.

All the way from the NY, this anointed soul brings the heat straight out of Bronx. Angie Rose ([email protected]angierosemusik) melodic style has proven to be captivating and but most importantly soul enriching. “Do For Love” Her ability to sing and rap makes her a true double threat. Her Latino upbringing and background makes her a dynamic powerhouse that brings peace and “Freedom”.

Miz Tiffany ([email protected]officialmiztiffany) just may be the matriarch out of the group. This hip hop Stellar nominee has credits to her name. From modeling motivational speaking, acting, and even producing shows. There is truly nothing she can’t do. Recently known for her stint on the hit show [Empire], she has proven to have the staying power reminiscent of a star! In her latest single “If You Love Jesus” you hear her going hard for the kingdom as she uplifts every ear.

Porsha Love ([email protected]iamporshalove) and Wande definitely had one of the hottest singles to close out 2021. “Don’t Worry About It” amassed over million streams in just over 6 months! This dynamic duo is just as powerful together as they are solo. Way from Detroit, Porsha Love has made a name for herself with her Fiyah lyrics and gritty rhymes. Her philosophy of loving the Lord and expressing it through a dope rap song has everyone wanting more.

If there were ever a mainstream equivalent, you would think the rapper Eve and TK Lee (ig@tklee___) were bona fide twins. Well, maybe not identical, nonetheless their looks and sick flow are very similar in nature. In her song “Mobbin” you can hear her street edginess coming through her bars. Her bold metaphors give the gospel sound street credibility and something people can relate to. Her latest single “Not Today” featuring 1K Phew is straight smokin!

This sultry talent, Bri Smilez, (ig@bri_smilez_) can do it all. From singing to rapping, she is a proven double threat. You can definitely bop your heads to “Doves & Crows” as she drops bar after bar, or you can listen to a smooth melody with the “Prodigal Son”. Whatever choice you make, be assured that the talent is there. Influenced by the likes of Lauren Hill, but most importantly inspired by the word of God, she has a message of eternal life to deliver.

Triple threat Chasity Latrice (Ig@iamchasitylatrice), “Can’t Be Stopped” is a versatile threat. Phenomenal singer, dancer, and rapper, it’s very little that this song writer can’t do. Her single “Can’t Be Stoped” has been on fire, turning heads as she’s been getting some serious radio play. “Loyal” Blessed with the gifts to bring the Gospel through music, she has made it her mission to connect with others. So “Fear No Evil” let “Freedom Ring” “Hallelujah”! Can we amen!

When looking at the list of these phenomenal ladies, you got to put “RESPECT” on Ms. Day (ig@msday_) name. One of the newest to the music scene, her lyrics are bold and true. Her chart topping single “I’m Me” exploded, which received placement on VH1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago. Her flow, and her raw voice create that perfect urban sound that people can rock too. On the rise, this model turned unapologetic rapper is 100% authentic with a story to tell. Blazing the stage, this “New Wave” is bringing the heat!

Obenewa (Ig@obenewa_) has to be Ghana’s best untold secret! Super talented and a force to be reckoned with, we first took notice of her 3 years ago when she released her music video “Favor”. Armed with a strong presence she has a delivery that’s full of confidence. The way she crafts her bars are intense and wonderful to listen to.

Queen Lee (ig@iamceoaaliyah) One of the dynamic hosts from the award winning show, Fresh Leftovers, has officially entered the music scene. She made her official debut as an artist on the Gospel Hip Hop Awards 2022 Female Cypher. Her coming out party proved that she has what it takes to rock the stage. Her latest project will take you deep and show you proof that God is real! Dropping soon, this is something you don’t want to miss.

This mixture of anointed talent is something to be celebrated. Beautiful, strong women of faith, who musically, provide a positive alternative that can feed our soul. Each is blessed with a message and a gift to give. Check each one of them out. They won’t disappoint, the S.W.A.T Team! 

Story by: Vz Washington
Email: [email protected]
Phone  (214) 701-5167

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