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1. Committed To You Tomi Favored feat Suanesha

US based music minister, Tomi Favored releases new single “Committed to You”, featuring Suanesha.

“Committed To You” is a song from the heart of a worshipper re-establishing commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ever so often, one thinks about life and ponders the good, the bad, the crazy, and tries to see how God’s hand has been there… helping, saving and giving grace. 


In a new season where God is moving around the world through his army of believers, the renowned worshiper Benestelle, ushers us in a worship experience like no other. 

Benestelle, full of God's compassion and love for people, brings us a new sound that carries the anointing to lift every open heart that hears it. Her mesmerizing vocals brings an energetic yet contemporary sound in her song titled Trust In You. 

3. You're the only one- Peter Ihegie

You’re The Only One is a song that describes the love and friendship that exists between the believer and God, a relationship that compares to none other and stands the tests of times.

It describes the value of a two way communication and the virtue of spending quality time together, two great attributes of a great and a long lasting relationship. 

Listening to this song will undoubtedly create that sense of friendship between the listener and God

4. Ke Hallelujah - Tolu! 

"Ke Hallelujah" is a song of gratitude to God for His bounty of grace and mercy. Ke Hallelujah is the third release from her upcoming album, "Covenant Child". Other releases from the album include 
"What You Say", and "I Can Do It 
Get this song on your Playlist now !

5. More like you- TMA

"More like you" is based on the need for the Believer's daily living and character to be Christ like. 

The more we tend to know Christ, the more there is to know about Him. To destroy the power of the flesh, we have to be more like Jesus so that we will not be controlled by our flesh. 

As you listen to this powerful song, May your eyes continually be opened to know more about Christ.

6. Ese (Thank You) - Wumi

‘ESE‘ is a Yoruba Word that means (Thank You!).

ESE is a fusion of both the Yoruba language that originates from her native country Nigeria and English, while acknowledging God’s mercy, miracles, and wonders, with an attitude of thanksgiving. 

Though not recently released, this song has consistently been a blessing to lives around the world.

7. Turn Around Encounter - Lola Omobaba

Lola Omobaba is out with another wonderful and melodious gospel song she titled ” TURN AROUND ENCOUNTER".

This song speaks a lot about upliftment from grass to grace.
We serve a God that can turn stories, lives, and destinies around in the twinkling of an eye.
This song is an unapologetic reminder of this unmistakable fact!
8. One Name- Seyi Oluwafemi 

The song "One Name" is a song that unreservedly emphasizes the fact that the name of JESUS is the only name by which we can be saved.
Call on the Name today, and you shall see a victory. 
9. Praise Medley- Oseun

Praise Medley (Celebrate With Me) is a danceable inspirational composition to show appreciation for the great and innumerable things God has done. Since our testimonies are countless, here is a way for us to express gratitude for them through songs.

You will be blessed as you listen, sing and dance!
10. Omnipotent God- DeeDee Berepiki 


This song is a product of prayer and divine inspiration.

As you listen,  a new hunger for God and an awakening will be stirred up in your inside.
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