Children of the Great Extinction by Becoming The Archetype


10 years since their last release, Becoming The Archetype realize their most expansive, entrancing, and engaging vision yet on their sixth full-length offering, Children of the Great Extinction [Solid State Records]. The core trio—Jason Wisdom [vocals/bass], Seth Hecox [guitar/keyboard/vocals], and Brent “Duck” Duckett [drums]—focus their intensity into a cinematic trip bolstered by soaring clean vocals, technically proficient instrumentation, and a fascinating sci-fi concept.

In 2005, Becoming The Archetype landed with the force of a tsunami on Terminate Damnation. Presenting an inimitable hybrid of tech, death, and progressive metal underpinned by deep themes, they captivated fans with The Physics of Fire in 2007. 
For Dichotomy a year later, they teamed up with the legendary Devin Townsend [Strapping Young Lad] behind-the-board as producer and served up anthems like the title track featuring Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter.

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