Artist Spotlight: Ché Sampson

Inspirational British recording artist and Songwriter Ché Sampson from south/west London is the eldest of three children has been singing from her teens. Her voice has been described as having a pure, honest and soothing quality. She is from a musical family where the father is a professional producer/Jazz guitarist, the mother is a former vocalist for a choral group in Guyana, eldest brother plays bass and youngest brother is a budding pianist.

Former Brits School student took singing lessons from (British Gospel singer) Priscilla Jones, former vocal coach to The Spice Girls, Craig David and Amy Winehouse. Ché Sampson has made various appearances singing-backing vocals for Eternal, Des’ree and Noel Mc Coy as well as being the second soprano in the London Adventist Chorale, making television appearances on BBC’s Songs Of Praise with collaborations with Wynton Marsalis and Take 6.

Writing songs with her guitar flow effortlessly for Ché Sampson which is proving to be the perfect vehicle to communicate her ideas and thoughts as a Christian living in London today. Ché Sampson released her debut EP “New Every Morning” back in 2013. She has also released singles from her debut album: ‘Rest’ 2018 and

‘Clouds’ 2019 and now ‘He Care’ 2020

Her debut album titled “Break of Day” is inspired by seeing God’s faithfulness through life pressures, God meeting her circumstances and showing hope in a hopeless situation.(1 Peter 5;7) ‘Cast your anxieties on him because he cares for you’, is the theme through out her debut album- out soon.

‘Break of Day’ is produced by Marcus Johnson who has worked with Kim Burrell and Lurine Cato. Songwriters include Mark Beswick who wrote the critical acclaim award-winning song ‘sing unto the lord’. Special features include American and British gospel artists and Calibre of great musicians from around the UK.

Follow Ché Sampson on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube Channel for new music and ministry updates.

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