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Gospel artist Greg Monk releases his first new single of 2023 titled “YOU”. This song is about his walk with God and how everything revolves around “God Almighty”. It’s basically a letter telling God that Greg couldn’t imagine living without him and that God has a special place in his heart. This song is sure to make you bounce your head and uplift your spirit’s. 
Greg Monk says this is just the first of many singles he plans to release this year. Stay tuned...

Cover Art by: Alpha Lex
Greg Monk is singer and songwriter committed to being a vessel for the Lord. Born in Dallas, Texas to a musical family, Monk embraced his musical talents early on by singing in talent shows and involving himself in various arts programs in high school. That tenacity led to a deal with an independent label shortly after high school.

However, that didn’t pan out, thrusting Monk into a life as a family man committed to growing his relationship with God.

That relationship has since matured and Monk is blessing audiences as a music ministry leader at his home church. Now, he’s hoping to bless audiences worldwide by infusing his gospel vocals over heart-touching and head-bouncing melodies.

Monk is committed to releasing music that is upbeat, inspirational and relatable. ~Tyler K. McDermott
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