South Florida Welcomes Spanish Christian Radio Network Vida Unida/WLFE

Hope Media Group (HMG) is pleased to announce the expansion of its Spanish language Christian radio network, “Vida Unida,” to South Florida. Since February 1, listeners in the region have had access to the most popular Spanish language Christian music with the addition of 90.9FM to the Vida Unida family of stations and the debut of a new morning drive-time radio show, “Myrka en la Mañana,” hosted by Emmy award-winning broadcast personality, Myrka Dellanos (pictured).

The name Vida Unida—or “Life Together”—is about the idea of being united with God, with our families, and within our community. A publicly funded Christian radio network in Spanish, Vida Unida has a mission to spread the love and message of Jesus within the Hispanic community in a relevant, loving way. The network’s 24/7 music format features uplifting Christian music, a phone and virtual prayer request hotline, Bible teachings, daily devotionals, motivational chats, guest interviews, and more.

Since 2022, HMG’s merger with Way Media has allowed Vida Unida’s flagship 91.7FM KHVU/Houston station to have a presence in several cities across the country. The network has expanded its global audience by streaming online at, on Vida Unida’s free mobile app, and on smart speakers.

“We are excited to increase the reach of Vida Unida and deliver Spanish language programming in South Florida that celebrates Christian values, the Hispanic culture, family, and inspires people to grow in their relationship with Jesus,” said Joe Paulo, President/CEO of Hope Media Group. “With the addition of WLFE-FM/90.9FM, we are connecting with even more listeners, bringing hope, and making a positive impact in the lives of this diverse community.”​

Vida Unida’s marquee morning drive-time radio show, “Myrka en la Mañana,” intends to bolster the network’s appeal among age groups 24-54 by offering a lively mix of music, real-life discussion topics, interviews and special segments with notable figures in the faith community, such as the greatest Latin Christian music artists.

As part of Vida Unida’s mission to “connect people more deeply to God” through bible-centered music and content, Dellanos is joined on-air simultaneously by her co-host Sadiel Castro, Program Director for Vida Unida. This partnership is positioned to establish Vida Unida as the preferred Spanish language Christian radio station given Myrka and Sadiel’s individual popularity among Hispanics and a playlist of the most popular Spanish language Christian songs.

“Vida Unida goes beyond entertaining, it also empowers our listeners to serve others, give back to their community, live their best lives, and establish closer relationships with those around them,” says Dellanos, who also hosts Telemundo Network’s top-rated afternoon talk show, La Mesa Caliente. “We want to help your entire family start their day with compassion, optimism, and expectation in the power of faith in Jesus.”

Broadcasting “Myrka en la Mañana” on Vida Unida from her hometown, Miami, FL, Sadiel joins Myrka from Houston, TX weekdays from 7am EST/6am CST to 11am EST/6am CST. Together they are engaging people to love Jesus, serve others and spread hope while setting a positive tone and intention for their listeners’ day.

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