Artist Spotlight: Kemi Kayode

 Kemi Kayode
Singer-songwriter Kemi Kayode’s Kingdom inspired music infuses her strong but soulful vocals and sweet gospel harmonies meddled with contemporary jazz and afro rhythms to create a unique sound of music that inspires a consciousness of God.

Born and raised in the South-Western part of Nigeria, the sound that resounded within the walls of her home was a compilation of various sounds from different parts of the world. Country, Pop, Jazz and Gospel. Kemi was inspired by the likes of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Don Moen and Cece Winans. Music was the heart of her home and worship an experience that’s now dubbed into a lifetime. Music is only an attempt and a mighty privilege to express doses of God’s dexterity in Love.

Kemi Kayode’s talent began to bud very early in Church, and she began to sing in the choir. Out of that arose her first album in 2014, titled: “new dimension,” which was fully produced by Dare David and partly Sean Keyz under her stage name Kemie. She then recorded an EP in 2020 under the same alias Kemie titled: “Reborn,” which was produced by Jerry Abah. By 2022, she began recording a full album with producer, Amb. Wole Oni and has now released “Make Room” as a taste of what’s to be expected on the “Divine Album.”

In 2012, she received a call to ministry and in 2017, launched Scepter of Righteousness Inc., online. S.O.R is an apostolic and prophetic fellowship directed by the unction of the Holy Spirit to expand God’s Kingdom and His righteousness and to prepare many for the second coming of Christ Jesus through fervent prayer, the expression of love and becoming a living example by the word of God. Having served as a worship leader in other ministries, she has a passion for discipling folks to live authentically and holistically by sustaining the Light of God through deliverance from faulty foundations. Leading a pragmatic lifestyle of worship is an eternal venture that begins with expressing salvation and manifesting God’s Glory on earth. She is an expressive intercessor and a student of the word. She has been opportune to lead individuals as well as families to experience God’s salvation by bringing them into ascension of God’s light.

Kemi Kayode is not only passionate about music, but truly desires to heal people with the truth of her own experiences in Light and Love. Having survived many hardships herself, she hopes to bring so much healing and inspiration to everyone who listens to her music.

Album: New Dimension; released 2014.
E.P: Reborn; released 2020.
Single: Make Room; released 2023

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