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Holy, written and produced by John Heath Jr., is a song that encourages women to have the desire to be pleasing to God.  In a world that is painted with false realities and high standards of acceptance, it becomes ever more challenging for women of God to find true happiness; a state of being that can only be found in having a strong relationship with God. So, instead of encouraging the norm, John Heath Jr. encourages holiness.

In the song, John Heath Jr. cleverly associates clothing and appearance with the idea of holiness with lyrics like, “Put some of that righteousness on. Maybe some prayer to be safe. Why don’t you rock it with worship. It’ll go perfect with praise.” In doing so the listener is quickly engulfed in the vision of holiness, but in a practical way.

Rhythm and Praise recording artist, John Heath Jr, is a singer, songwriter, and producer with silky vocals and a deadly sharp pen. He has a sound that is familiar to the R&B lover but rooted in the depths of praise and worship.  


Instagram: @johnheathjr
TikTok: @johnheathjr
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IRSC: QMEU32302483

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