[Music + Video] Ovie (King) Austin Omozeje feat. Victor Atenaga | @Austin_Omozeje

Fast rising Music Minister, Austin Omozeje has teamed up with renowned worship leader Rev. Victor Atenaga to deliver yet another powerful worship anthem titled “Ovie” which means King in Urhobo language.

The song OVIE describes the Majestic nature of God, that even the animals silently sing His praise, nature whispers his beauty, the stars shine with his Glory, man kind, his most prized creation shows his wonder. The heavens and the universe sing songs we can’t hear but he does, the oceans resound his glory. What a King He is!

Our OVIE (KING) is worthy of our endless worship.

Produced by Mynorkord and Mavrick sound box co-producer.

Watch Video Below;


Who can describe you Lord
Who can define your greatness
Amazing are your wonder
Creations resound your glory
The Heavens they sing Holy Holy

You are perfect
And you’re faithful
Beauty in Splendor
The earth cries
Your Glory
The Heavens they sing
Holy Holy
Awesome one

Ovie Ovie Ovie Ovie Ovie
Mi Yeruwe

Ovie Ovie Ovie Ovie Ovie
Mi yeruwe Ovie
Mi yeruwe Ovie

Dooh Dooh Oghene Dooh
Ovie mi yeruwe dooh

Mi yeruwe Ovie

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