[Music + Lyrics] AGAPE by Ayo Bless-ed

Nigerian based gospel recording artist and prolific song writer; Ayo Bless-ed releases his single titled "AGAPE".
Have you ever felt the cold strong grip of sin and guilt?
Have you ever felt unqualified, tainted and damaged beyond repair?
If you have ever felt unloved and rejected of God because of the guilt of sin.
"Agape" is a transcendent song that encapsulates the divine love and compassion that has touched the lives of believers throughout the ages. Through its music and lyrics, it invites listeners to experience the transformative power of God's love and encourages them to reflect on their own spiritual journey.

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AGAPE Lyrics by Ayo Bless-ed

Vs. 1
When I think I have gone too far into the world,
and my sins are so so much to be forgiven.
when I heard they said for God so loved the world,
from within I felt that am not part of it.

Lord Jesus, the one who love me more than I love myself,
he drew me closer and whisper to me, 
saying I love you just the way you are.

Vs. 2
When the guilt of sin held me tight by my neck, 
and I felt ashame to ask for forgiveness.
not knowing that a blood was shed for my sake,
the Innocent has suffered for the guilty.

Vs. 3
Wasn’t worthy to approach the throne of grace,
cos I was a man so full of filthiness.
but now I have free access to the king,
what a great joy to be called a child of God.

Just the way you are/2x 
I head the voice whispering
saying just the way you are.
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