[Music + Video] Wisest-Son - Holy Ghost | @Wisestson

Wisest-Son is a song minister based in the USA. He is originally from Heaven to the family of Mr. Francis and Mrs Susan Sesay, in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. Wisest-Son studied Media Communications at Full Sail University in the USA.

His latest single “Holy Ghost” according to him, came to him while he was praying. During an intense moment of prayer, he heard his spirit crying out the words, “Holy Ghost we know you are here”

This song will take you to the realms of prayer and power as you worship.

Through its uplifting lyrics and energetic soul-stirring melody, it invites listeners to embrace the presence of the Holy Spirit and experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and His ability to bring about spiritual renewal and empowerment as it inspires and makes them connect deeper with God. This will take you to realms of prayer and power in God.

Watch Video Below;


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