A Pit Can't Stop A Promise! - Pastor Derick Faison


When Joseph received an extravagant coat from his father, Jacob, his brothers hated him. Instead of seeking the favor of their father, they misplaced their anger on their brother. They stripped him and threw him in a pit. What they didn’t understand was that the coat wasn’t the favor, it was just a symbol of the favor. 
God had chosen Joseph, just as He has chosen you! He doesn’t choose those who are perfect, but those who have purpose. No matter how deep you feel you have sunk, trust God to use your disadvantages to propel you to great heights. You cannot be an overcomer if there’s nothing for you to overcome. No pit can stop God’s promises.

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Message: A Pit Can't Stop a Promise!
Scripture: Genesis 37:3-5, 18-20 (NKJV)

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