KB Appears on Good Morning America


Multi-award-winning hip-hop artist, critically acclaimed author, and podcast host KB appeared on Good Morning America's GMA3 Faith Friday segment, sharing about his debut book, Dangerous Jesus: Why the Only Thing More Risky than Getting Jesus Right Is Getting Jesus Wrong.

Released earlier this year, Dangerous Jesus: Why the Only Thing More Risky Than Getting Jesus Right Is Getting Jesus Wrong reintroduces readers to the true Jesus--the One who poses a living threat to the status quo. He's a threat to our division. He's a threat to our rebellion. He is the kind of dangerous that is so infused with power from on high that nothing stays the same when He walks into the room. His love is so strong it's intoxicating. His truth is so good it sets people free. Watch KB's GMA3 segement here.
This national broadcast appearance comes on the cusp of KB's fifth studio album release, His Glory Alone II, which drops on August 11, just one day after he kicks off the Summer Worship Nights arena tour with tourmates Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake.
His Glory Alone II will feature 16 tracks infusing the sounds of hip-hop, gospel, afro-beats, and soul, with a few worshipful ballads in between. Serving as the sequel to his previous record released in 2020, KB partnered up with producers WEARETHEGOOD, Scootie Wop, and Cardec Drums to deliver a full-length project expressing the infiniteness of God. Additionally, KB peels back the layers of his own heart and journey, facing childhood trauma, abandonment, confusion, and doubt with unapologetic transparency.
For more information on KB, Dangerous Jesus, and His Glory Alone II, please visit www.whoiskb.com.

Source: Sundari Public Relations

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