Music: So Blessed - Isaac Koby

Isaac Koby, a remarkable singer-songwriter, seamlessly blends Afro-house, amapiano, and gospel funk in his solo track titled "So Blessed." This unique musical fusion creates a song that not only uplifts but also inspires, resonating deeply with listeners and offering a message of hope and faith."So Blessed" goes beyond its musical amalgamation by delivering an empowering message.
The song serves as a reminder of God's unwavering faithfulness, even in the darkest moments of life. Through his lyrics and melodies, Isaac Koby encourages listeners to find solace and strength in their faith, ultimately inspiring them to rise above challenges and celebrate the blessings that surround them.

Born Isaac Okobi, Isaac Koby's musical journey began at an early age when he took on the role of lead soloist for the children's group of renowned gospel artist Frank Edwards. This pivotal experience, at the tender age of 10, showcased his innate talent and vocal prowess, leaving a lasting impression on his audience and mentors alike.

Raised in a clergy family that deeply embraced music, Isaac Koby's roots in music grew stronger. He became an integral part of the family's acapella group, a foundation that paved the way for his journey into the children's choir. Through these early musical connections, he honed his vocal skills and developed a profound connection with music.Isaac Koby's musical style is a mesmerizing blend of gospel, R&B, Afro-house, and contemporary influences.
His expressive and soulful voice, combined with his natural ability to seamlessly navigate different genres, enables him to craft a sound that is undeniably distinctive. His lyrics, often rooted in faith and spirituality, delve into themes of love, hope, and personal growth, resonating deeply with his audience. Through his artistry, Isaac Koby connects with others on a profound level, creating music that is both uplifting and transformative.

Music Credit:
Producer : DBF Music
Mixing & Mastering: Akposbeats ,
Collins GPK.
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Instagram : official_isaackoby
Tik Tok : isaac_koby
Twitter : _isaackoby
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