Sounds of Salem – “Christ – The Anointed One” | Feat. Prophet Joel Ogebe & Min. Oche Ogebe


In the world of Christian music, there are certain collaborations that harness a divine synergy and leave a lasting impact on listeners. One such collaboration is the extraordinary encounter between Sounds of Salem, Prophet Joel Ogebe, and Min. Oche Ogebe, resulting in their awe-inspiring track “Christ – The Anointed One”.

This powerful anthem carries a profound message and delivers an unforgettable listening experience that transcends boundaries of time and space. With Prophet Joel Ogebe’s soul-stirring vocals, coupled with Minister Oche Ogebe’s remarkable arrangements, this composition takes listeners on a spiritual journey, inviting them to reflect on the eternal significance of the anointed one, Jesus Christ.

The harmonious blend of their voices, celestial melodies, and heartfelt lyrics creates an atmosphere of heavenly worship, leaving audiences overwhelmed with a deep sense of reverence and adoration. “Christ – The Anointed One” is undoubtedly anointed itself, touching souls and capturing hearts with its divine composition and unwavering reverence for our Savior.

Produced by E’Keyz


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