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Talented Singer/Songwriter and devoted Worship Leader, SarahFaith has released a brand new album titled “Holy Fire”.

“Holy Fire” speaks about the Holiness of God and the transformative fire of the Holy Spirit to purify us by consuming temporal and unstable elements while refining the aspects of God’s kingdom within us. When you engage with this sound, you’ll find yourself drawn into the profound holiness of God, and it will stir the wellsprings of living water within you. These inner waters will burst forth with a spontaneous divine melody called the Song of the Lord, facilitating intercession on behalf of others, inviting them to experience the fiery touch of the Holy Spirit.

As you continue the journey, you’ll inevitably arrive at a place of earnestly seeking more of God’s presence and responding with deep adoration for the beauty of Jesus. It’s important to approach this experience with care, for if you earnestly ask, God will generously bestow His presence upon you.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, SarahFaith said “In response to the spiritual revelation regarding the holiness of God and the imperative of maintaining His divine fire within me, I engaged in a collaborative effort with my music producer. Together, we dedicated substantial time and effort to meticulously crafting the structural elements of each songs. This was a live recording, where the voices of a live audience added an enriching layer to the overall experience”.

Sarah Folorunsho “SarahFaith”, a talented singer/songwriter and devoted worship leader, hails from the vibrant city of Durham, North Carolina (919). Her journey began in Lagos, Nigeria, where she was born and raised, and it was here that her deep connection with music first blossomed. At the tender age of 8, Sarah was entrusted with leading song selections for the children’s choir, a pivotal moment that ignited her lifelong passion for music.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Sarah is a multi-talented individual. She’s also an accomplished professional portrait photographer, capturing moments that resonate with depth and emotion. Her creative spirit knows no bounds as she continues to excel in her artistic pursuits.

Amidst her pursuits, Sarah remains grounded in her love for family. She cherishes her close bond with her two beloved little sisters, holding their relationship as a cherished treasure.

Sarah Folorunsho’s life story is a harmonious blend of faith, music, and artistry, echoing her unwavering dedication to sharing God’s love and message with the world. Her journey is an inspiring testament to the power of passion, purpose, and the pursuit of one’s divine calling.

Watch “Rivers” Video Below;

“Holy Fire” is now available on all STREAMING PLATFORM

Social media handles; @sarahffaith

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